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Ammonium ferric citrate


一:Chemical name: citric acid, ferric ammonium ferric ammonium citrate, 2 - hydroxy - 1, 2, 3 - c tricarboxylic acid ammonium iron;

二:Second, the molecular formula: FeC6H5O7. NH4OH;C6H10FeNO8;

Three, molecular weight: 488.18;

Four, CAS No. : 1185-57-5;

Five, the performance: iron FeC6H5O7 citric acid and citric acid ammonium (NH4) 3 C6H5O7 double salts (NH4) 3 fe (C6H5O7) 2.Appearance is brown or green scales or powder.Odourless.Taste salty microstrip iron taste.Has the deliquescence, when the light is not stable, soluble in water.And potassium ferricyanide as the blueprint for printing, as well as pictures of yellow, green, blue color and so on.

Six USES: nutritional supplement (iron fortifier), brown goods used hematinic, in treatment of iron deficiency anemia;Can be used as food additives, according to Japan's \"food additives and set book\" regulation, the iron content of 16.5% to 16.5%;Used in the photographic industry, pharmaceutical industry, also can be used as anticaking agent;Used for microbial cultures.

Seven, packing: lined with polyethylene plastic bags, jackets composite plastic woven bag packaging, bags of 25 kg net each.

Eight, storage and transportation: this product should be stored in a dry ventilated warehouse clean, light light load transportation, prevent damaged packaging, prevent be affected with damp be affected with damp, heat and transport to prevent rain in the process of be affected with damp be affected with damp, should from the toxic substances.


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